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2012 Hyundai Veloster Review

Hyundai launched its advanced three-door Hyundai coupe Veloster in a world premiere at the 2011 North American International Auto. The 2012 Veloster delivers innovation for the compact coupe segment with a single door, the third to easily access the rear seats, Hyundai Blue Link telematics system Pandora Internet Radio with seven-inch touch screen and a new 1.6-liter direct injection four Hyundai cylinders coupled to the first dual-clutch transmission.


Hyundai Veloster unique design inspired by high-performance sport bike. Veloster is a distinctive black-and-pillar, which gives the glass a motorcycle helmet visor look. The front grille has an aggressive form of hexagonal Hyundai, hood scoops in detail, and unique to Hyundai's signature LED position lights. Add the optional chrome grille surround, piano black highlights, fog lights, sunroof and an impressive view.

Hyundai Veloster page features "Fluidic Sculpture" character lines, muscular wheel arches, body-color mirrors and door handles and around the headlights and taillights. Hyundai Veloster standard 17-inch alloy wheels, and offers two types of 18-inch wheels. Top-of-the-line 18-inch wheels will be painted over, the first segment.

Hyundai Veloster dynamic design a distinctive glass rear hatch, two chrome exhaust tips and a black shield centered on the lower front fascia completes the statement.

Within the center console and controls are similar to a fuel tank of motorcycle sport and willingness to incorporate push-start button. The vents are inspired by the exhaust pipes of motorcycles, while the floor console reflects the seat of a bicycle. Metal accents abound in the cabin. Alloy pedals and a leather steering wheel and shift knob are also available.

Third door

Hyundai Veloster combines the style of a coupe and the functionality of a hatchback, while incorporating an extra passenger side door. In the past, some cut used less access doors hinged at the rear. These cuts have always been compromised by having to open the driver's side door before the rear door can be opened, turns out to be inconvenient for the driver and passenger, and very difficult to operate in tight parking situations. Take new Hyundai by implementing a conventional hinged door on the passenger side of the Hyundai Veloster, allowing safe and easy access to rear seats, surprisingly spacious. The door handles are hidden behind the passenger side to preserve the cutaway design.


The new range 1.6-liter four-cylinder is the smallest used Hyundai Motor Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI). GDI technology will help produce an estimated highway fuel economy of up to 40 mpg, lower emissions and higher reliability.

"Gasoline direct injection technology allowed engineers to create the Hyundai Motor, which is a powerful, fuel emissions, and less," said the Hyundai America Technical Center Inc. (Hatch) power line leader John Juriga. "Despite its small size, which produces a large number, as well as impressive power output and up to 40 mpg on the highway."

Using GDI, Gamma 1.6-liter delivers maximum power estimated 138 horsepower at 6,300 rpm and maximum torque of 123 lb-ft at 4.850 rpm. But GDI is only a part of history as the new Gamma also offers dual variable continuously, an electronic throttle control, a roller chain of time, variable induction and innovative anti-friction coatings CrN Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and diamond-like carbon coatings (DLC) coating.

A NEW six-speed dual-clutch

Hyundai's commitment to motor fuel Gamma very efficient game continues with a six-speed manual transmission as standard or a new six-speed dual-clutch (DCT), developed by Hyundai.

Hyundai new DCT takes advantage of a manual transmission, including fuel consumption and driving, and admixture with automatic benefits such as comfort and quality of smooth passages. In addition, DCT allows direct connection to high efficiency and continuous transmission of the couple during the quarter. Automatic transmissions will lose power and fuel economy in the torque converter.

Other improvements over the traditional DCT percent improvement includes an automatic five-55 fuel-efficient, as well as a 3-7 percent improvement in acceleration.

Hyundai Veloster the DCT can think of two traditional manual transmissions, each with its own power switch to operate in parallel and alternate years. Hyundai Veloster is a six-speed operation of a switch gears one, three and five, and others used two, four, six, and vice versa. This process of moving quickly lead to a seamless transition, without loss of performance normally associated with torque converters. Clutch actuator properties of electric motors actuators, and an outer plate to improve NVH.

This powerplant also has a business eco-mode that the engine of change and transmission control for greater energy efficiency which translates into an improvement of more than seven percent of fuel economy the real world.


The effectiveness of the World Class weight is a goal of the program for all Hyundai models. This strategy offers excellent fuel economy and performance at the same time. At only £ 2.584, Hyundai Veloster over 400 pounds less than the Scion tC. This priority to effective weight allows Hyundai Veloster to offer an amazing combination of agility, performance and fuel economy.

Fun to drive

Hyundai Veloster is equipped with a McPherson front suspension, coil springs, gas shocks and stabilizer diameter 24 mm at the front. The rear suspension is a lightweight V torsion bar, the first Hyundai with a stabilizer bar of 23 mm to allow the brace arms for increased rigidity and to continue to control the body roll. The rear suspension also uses mono-tube shock absorbers for a comfortable ride.

Hyundai Veloster features sport-tuned electric power steering that adjusts instantly to changing driving conditions, while improving fuel economy over a conventional system. A quick ratio steering used to feel crunchy in turn. Hyundai Veloster turning circle of 34.1 meters, is better than the tC is 37.4 meters, the CR-Z is 35.4 meters, 35.1 meters Mini and Mini Clubman is 36.1 meters. Default 215/45HR17 tires on alloy wheels 17 inches. There are two optional 18-inch alloy wheels with lower performance profile 215/40VR18 rubber.

Advanced standard safety technologies: part of the insurance HYUNDAI COMMITMENT

Veloster an exceptional level of standard safety features for the sports segment. Hyundai Veloster stable vehicle management (VSM) system operates optimally ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and the Director of the electric motor (CDM).

VSM works for the control of two effects. The first is when the driver accelerates or brakes in an area divided mu (slippery on one side, dry pavement, on the other) and the vehicle will pull in one direction. VSM detects this condition and sends a signal to the MDPS applying direction. VSM, and pull the meter has eight Newton meters address bar. MSM reacts the same way during sudden lane changes or fast cornering.

Hyundai Veloster has six airbags, including two front, front seat-mounted side impact and front and rear side curtain airbags.

Hyundai Veloster a package state-of-the-art braking. The package includes disc brakes and four-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS), including Brake Assist, which provides maximum braking force when an emergency stop is detected, and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) to automatically adjust the braking force front and rear depending on load conditions of the vehicle.


The society, everyone wants to be affiliated with their increasingly electronic Hyundai Veloster standard seven-inch touch-screen multi-function. Engine start-up, the screen comes alive with the image of Hyundai Veloster and unique sound. There are three settings of the user interface the user can select.

Pandora Internet Radio is part of Hyundai Veloster. The screen has an icon to listen to Pandora Internet radio from an iPhone, Blackberry or Android. Pandora can also be seen on the screen and the songs can give the families of Pandora thumbs up or down by clicking an icon.

Gracenote to improve the functioning of the Hyundai Veloster drivers to use and manage your music licensed under the cover image, to improve speech recognition capabilities, and "More Like This" auto-play listing. Gracenote to help organize the metadata in song music library driver and associated gender-specific classifications (eg, Indie Rock, R & B, classical) for tracks identified. This allows drivers to create a playlist Hyundai Veloster targeted contact like a button or using voice commands Gracenote Playlist Plus ™.

MediaVOCS Gracenote ® technology improves the accuracy of voice recognition research capacity music and navigation, to tell the driver to identify the bands, artists and album names are hard to pronounce, irregular spellings and nicknames. For example, the Gracenote MediaVOCS helps the system understand the artists 'names' like BeyoncĂ©, AC / DC. And drivers can use the "Boss", as a voice command access to the songs of Bruce Springsteen.

Gracenote also supplies Hyundai Veloster 3D carousel album covers, producing a user-friendly interface of the driver that makes it easy to search for music by selecting and displaying album cover art during playback. The combination of these features Gracenote technology Veloster give drivers a safe and easy to manage and enjoy their music on the open road.

The CPU has to download virtual CD is like having a 10 CDs on the board. This feature allows up to 10 CDs to be stored in system memory. The memory system also lets you view and store JPEG images, AVI and MPEG videos videos from a USB key.

One of the display of the unique features of the Eco Coach is a scoring system. This system recognizes the driving and fuel consumption of award eco earn points for a total of Eco points. Eco-Coach offers instant feedback on fuel economy, so drivers can compare the average fuel consumption of other owners Veloster.

When video games are an important part of the fun, Hyundai integrated USB connector, RCA and 115-volt power outlet and support for Hyundai Veloster extreme gaming sessions gaming console in the park.

Hyundai Veloster comes with two audio systems. Standard is a system of 196 watts Radio/CD/MP3 AM / FM / Satellite audio with six speakers and iPod ® / USB / auxiliary input jack. A 450-watt Premium Audio Dimension eight speakers including a subwoofer and eight-inch external amplifier is available. One XM Satellite Radio interface is also integrated into the main unit and the channel features logos and XM data services such as XM NavWeather ®, XM Stock Ticker Sports Ticker and XM.

Bluetooth hands-free voice recognition system, Address Book, and download the audio stream is a constant. Touch-screen navigation is optional. The system integrates the rear camera, are not in the CR-Z or TC.

HYUNDAI blue link

"Blue Link combines safety, service and infotainment for a complete package that works for the lives of two Hyundai owners to simplify and reduce driver distraction," said Barry Ratzlaff, director of customer satisfaction and development Business Service, Hyundai Motor America. "We looked at how drivers are relying on smart phones and navigation systems as an innovative link to the outside world. Blue Link provides this seamless connectivity directly into the car with the technology as voice text messages, download the POI search Web, turn-by-turn navigation and monthly reports on vehicles. Our agent-assisted advanced voice recognition system is the solution of the 21st century to search for POI in the vehicle. This unique and innovative approach allows Hyundai to provide fast and accurate searches and downloads of POI vehicles without unnecessary expense of the operator systems traditional type of competition. "

As part of the launch blue link, Hyundai will also review blue link on the blue link vehicles, which include essential security services for an initial period. These basic security services include automatic collision notification (ACN) and assistance, emergency assistance and capacity SOS Roadside Assistance. After the introductory period, the owners of vehicles with Blue Link may decide to extend these services and others as requested. Cool blue subscription link will be announced this spring on the Sonata.

Insurance Blue Link strengthens the industry leadership of Hyundai, Hyundai previously established by insurance, the most comprehensive suite of industry to protect new car. Hyundai Insurance already offers a bumper 5-year/60 0.000-mile warranty is fully transferable to the bumpers, Hyundai 10-year/100 powertrain warranty 0.000 mile, five-year free roadside assistance, and protection buyer - a loss of jobs credit-protection program to return the vehicle.

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