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2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Review

The revolutionary all-new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque public debut at World Expo 2010 Paris Motor Show.

Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar and Land Rover, said: "These are exciting times for our company as we continue to expand our portfolio with the Range Rover new addition to the lineup, not just the Land Rover Range Rover Evoke. Increase our global market share, but also demonstrates our commitment to sustainable construction, however, highly desirable products. "

Dr. Speth continued: "The bishop helps define a new premium compact SUV segment are more sporty and elegant, made a strong statement about the future direction of the Range Rover brand and have a strong emotional appeal to a wide range of . buyers of premium cars. "

The Land Rover LRX concept Evoke car turned the acclaimed reality faithfully capture the spirit of their brand of cross-sectional design.

True to the Rover brand range of Evoke offers effortless quality standards of craftsmanship, luxury and performance, but in a cellophane package more compact.

The Range Rover lighter and fuel consumption ever Evoque mark shows the commitment of environmental sustainability, the ability of CO2 sub-130g/km SUV class.

Phil Popham, Managing Director of Land Rover, said: "The revolutionary, the new Range Rover Evoke takes the brand into new territories very important and exciting contemporary, Evoke will attract a new group of customers who can not be considered. A Range Rover before.

"This is a very particular product, we chose a name badge. The new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is sold in over 160 countries, and his name is instantly recognizable across cultural and language barriers all over the world. Evoque exclusive means, and evoke emotions and sophisticated aura, which is responsible for urban chic car ", he added.

Dr. Speth continues. "This vehicle was designed, developed and will be manufactured in Britain, allowing the creation of over 1,000 jobs in our multi-award winning Halewood plant in Merseyside this stimulate employment, coupled with the fact that over 80 Range Rover Evoque percent of production is planned for export would be a great support to the UK economy. "

Developments in the design of the Range Rover

The new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque directly inspired by the LRX concept car, which has international recognition for an exciting new interpretation of the classic Range Rover design cues.

The intelligent design along with careful engineering has allowed the spirit of the LRX concept is a reality, without compromising the fundamental values ​​of Range Rover luxury interior, performance and capabilities of off-road refinement.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover design director, said: "Range Rover Evoque bold marks an evolution of design, giving new interpretations of the Range Rover Classic Range Rover design cues, and to remain faithful to the fundamental values ​​of the Range Rover.

"With its dramatic rise waist, a shoulder muscle along the entire length of the car, and a cone characteristic of the floating roof line, the Evoke takes a very dynamic profile, with a powerful, athletic position."

Pushing the wheels in the four corners of the car contributes to its targeted position. The wheel arches are wide but softly integrated into the body, while the carefully sculpted corners dramatically reduce the car's visual overhangs front and rear.

Impeccable luxury interiors

Under its dramatic appearance, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque customers with an impeccably designed luxury chalet, which includes quality materials and stylish design expected of a inside the Range Rover.

Gerry McGovern continued: "The strong, simple architecture of the cabin is light at the intersection between the elements in bold fixed horizontal panel and the strong vertical lines in the center console."

Unique in the compact SUV segment, which allows customers to specify Evoque a sumptuously appointed cabin with premium soft leather and beautifully designed, double stitching gives a luxurious finish to almost any surface of the dashboard, doors and seats.

Unlike the bold, comforting smell and feel the soft nature hides, real metal finishes to offer a series of reflections impressive. Cool to the touch and exquisitely crafted, metal finishes are blind and visual quality than internal memo.

The instrument cluster, housed in a compact curved interior adds to the sporty, premium brand from the inside. The rings have a nice double three-dimensional shape with chunky, bright beads and needles, and is fixed to the bottom of the circular enclosure finished with shiny chrome rims.

Maximum comfort and convenience

The pilot has a lower position which places it in one of the big Range Rover offers a sportier feel, while maintaining major command post behavior. The result is more generous headroom that is traditionally found in many sports sedans, despite a low profile roofline cut.

Drivers who take the Range Rover off-road Evoque can be sure you understand that, in addition to very generous ground clearance, the car is much better than break-over angle, angle of attack and departure angle compact premium SUV.

Handling dynamic and effortless, refined performance

Land Rover engineers have developed the Range Rover Evoque to provide customers with a polished driving experience that combines performance and sporty driving dynamics with reagents, the effortless power and sophistication.

Murray Dietsch, program director of Land Rover, said: "We have established the framework for evoke and electric power steering (EPAS) to provide precise and responsive steering at low speeds, which makes the car agile and fun to lead to the city. As Evoke is lighter, with a small footprint, it reacts quickly and positively to the pilot inputs at high speeds, ensuring that drivers are offered the agility enthusiasts who want a car. "

This endearing character and sports has not been achieved at the expense of the hardness or poor comfort and refinement. Adaptive Dynamics uses advanced magnetic ride shock absorbers ™, which offers an excellent balance of trust, agility and ride comfort control. The suspension provides even tighter control of the body, with flatter handling and sharper responses.

As a true Range Rover Evoque offers a feature of all seasons, all the surface characteristic of the brand. Common in the big brothers, the new model offers tremendous potential for off-road tires to improve the final version of the system responsible for the Land signature.

The bishop will be the first Range Rover to offer customers a choice between standard, full-time drive system intelligent four-wheel drive offers excellent performance and traction on all surfaces, and low-carbon two-wheel drive option for improved fuel economy further.

Line turbo powertrain provides smooth and responsive performance. Customers can choose global updates turbodiesel 2.2-liter with 150 hp 190P or derivatives. The version with four-wheel drive 150 hp combined with the 2.2 liter will offer up to 50mpg and 145g/km of CO2 stunning. The state of the art nouveau 240P, 2.0-liter gasoline direct injection combined B4, turbocharger and dual variable valve timing with exceptional driveability and fuel economy.

Dietsch Murray continued: "The state of the art, combining four cylinders, six-cylinder turbo engine refinement and performance with fuel economy numbers up to 58mpg and CO2 emissions of 130g/km These impressive figures of under are obtained product development. team is committed to providing a compact and weight-effective without compromising on durability and robustness. "

Serious about sustainability

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoke sends a powerful message that the brand is committed to providing information on new products not only desirable but also much more durable.

The new car is greener references come from a comprehensive approach to reducing its environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of the product development and production to customer use and end of life recycling.

Although Evoque offers Premium Luxury and performance customers expect from Range Rover, also shows the level of efficiency and responsible design make it one of the cars of its class life.

Product innovations green determining key performance include:

Compact size - at 4350 mm, the Range Rover Evoke is 430 mm shorter than a Range Rover Sport

Light technology - advanced materials used throughout the body and chassis

Efficient power transmission - a state-of-the-art petrol engines and diesel engines, a very powerful feature, such as direct injection and stop-start

Technologies with low CO2 emissions - including the electric power steering (EPAS), regeneration and optimized price transmission intelligent

The availability of front-wheel-drive - to reduce weight and reduces power transmission losses

Recycling and reuse - to maximize sustainable and recycled materials as well as through the optimization of end of life recyclability

The result is a Range Rover, which sets new standards for compact premium SUV segment in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and the two-wheel drive diesel engine capable of exceptionally sub 130g/km CO2.

Distinctly Evoque

Land Rover designers and engineers have developed a multitude of innovative and distinctive characteristics to ensure a Range Rover Evoque stand out from the crowd.

Lighting plays an important role in the distinctive call of the bishop. First to draw attention is the powerful firm in the graph of the headlights, created by innovative LED technology blade. A similar figure is echoed in the LED taillights, with its 3D design Jewel of the petals.

Approaching the car at night and you can view a graph of the fat vehicle along the front doors, illuminated by the "puddle lights" by shining the mirrors.

It particularly affects greet you when you enter the car. The interior features come to life with choreography by the beginning of animation sequence, while the automatic shifter complete the daily "hello" as he is silent on the driver's hand.

LED lighting offers a sophisticated and precise lighting in the cabin, a choice of colors to choose the driver to suit their mood. Select the Dynamic mode, however, and sports a red fill the inside of the instrument panel and the display cluster.

A complete set of features, it is never the overview before installing the Range Rover can be determined, offers a versatile Vista will help make every trip special.

There are three main themes design of vehicles, each with a surface treatment of its own inner packaging and carefully coordinated. The three themes are:

Pure - the concept car that combines striking exterior with a clean elegant interior in neutral colors to emphasize the pure forms, simple architecture of the cabin. Soft touch materials packed in sharp contrast to the polished metal surfaces with real aluminum trim.

Prestige - Ultimate Range Rover luxury, combining an external measure, which includes unique 19-inch wheels and shiny metallic accents with an indulgent interior, which is almost entirely wrapped in leather. Luxurious two-tone color schemes are embellished with premium leather, double stitching and real wood and metal finishes.

Dynamic - bold exterior with 20-inch wheels and bumpers only, sills, exhaust grille and a firmer position of trust. Contrast color roof spoiler is a no cost option, while the premium sports interior features a darker environment with patches of bright color in contrast with perforated leather seats and sole distributor of sports.

Equipped with premium technologies

The advantages mentioned in the same wide selection of the latest technology as the greatest range of Rover, in control, connectivity, comfort and convenience for all residents.

From a driving wheel, the Range Rover Evoque stand carefully designed monitoring system, and shows that combine elegance and clear, a state-of-the-art and feature best-in-class ease of use.

At the heart of the operating system is the Range Rover is highly acclaimed, eight-inch, high definition display with touch-screen graphics clean and simple, intuitive menu structure. The display is available with the innovative dual-view technology as the driver and passenger can see the contents completely independent.

Tech-savvy customers are able to connect, requiring a complete package that includes a Bluetooth hands-free cell phone use and audio streaming, as well as a variety of USB and auxiliary iPod and other portable devices.

Evoque is the first of the Range Rover offers a stunning new sound system developed in collaboration with high-end audio specialist Meridian. Meridian offers a premium 825W, 17-speaker system that offers a complete surround sound.

Other features available for Land Rover Range Rover Evoque clients include:

Park Assist for automatic parallel parking

Blind Spot Monitoring System

Surround camera system with five digital cameras, including a rotation system

A full two-zone automatic climate control, a park-time weather heating

HDD Navigation System

DAB / FM / AM / Sirius tuners multiplayer 10xCD VHD

Digital and satellite TV and DVD playback

In the rear seat entertainment package with video screens eight-inch digital wireless headphones and remote control touch screen

Remote keyless entry and power tailgate

Adaptive headlights with automatic headlight dipping

Heated windshield, heated front seats and steering wheel

They are sold in 160 markets around the world in summer 2011

Range Rover Evoque will be produced in a number of award-winning Halewood plant in Merseyside, United Kingdom. The car was designed for all world markets, and will be available in over 160 countries during the summer of 2011.

Phil Popham, said: "The launch of the Range Rover Evoke is an important step for the brand Range Rover This car brings a new revolutionary enthusiasm and relevance of the brand, but stays true to the values ​​of high-end luxury and performance is reached. Rover as lasting success in the past 40 years. "

Revolutionary design

The all-new Range Rover Evoque transformed the LRX concept, in fact, marks a significant change in the design of the Range Rover, and offers customers a compact, premium and very desirable SUV.

An innovative and original cross-coupé, capturing Evoque - almost an inch - stunning design of the LRX concept. The lines at the top and a sporty, dynamic profile, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque creates a new premium off-road coupe.

Gerry McGovern, said the Land Rover design director: "The very positive overall acceptance of the LRX concept in 2008 has made us determined to develop a production car that captured the spirit from the exciting concept, however, trying to make one. practice and the reality of desirable production was a huge challenge for our designers and engineers, but they embraced with impressive energy and passion. "

Classic Range Rover design cues bold new interpretation of

The exterior evokes daring interpretations of new and interesting features of the Range Rover classic design tests, including the signature clamshell bonnet, the floating roof and the "solid wheels on each corner'position.

Unlike all the previous Range Rover, suggests to adopt a very dynamic profile, with its dramatic rise waistline, a muscular shoulder along the entire length of the car, and a characteristic cone of the floating roof line. The bold design graphic created by exaggerated the corner of the window line is highlighted by black bars.

Pushing the wheels in the four corners helps give the car its own decided, the wheel arches are wide but softly integrated into the body. The corners carefully developed to significantly reduce the car's visual overhangs front and rear.

The front design is a powerful statement of the identity of the Range Rover with the graphics created by the bold horizontal headlamps perforated two-bar grille and distinctive.

The elegant box emits a strong sense of quality with precise sealing lines, eye-catching details like the hood vents and side slits, and the quality of the jewel-like headlights and taillights with LED lights and a thin sharp blade signature groups of indicators.

"The performance of the construction will cause a strong emotional reaction. His unique style will attract a new generation of Range Rover customers who have never considered an SUV before, such as the premium coupe buyers who want to make a bold statement of new, "said McGovern.

The modern decor, and sports commission

Evoque Internet was a strong, quality materials and high-clean Range Rover traditional architecture, and apply them to new sports and fashion.

As in most of the Range Rover, the centerpiece of the cabin is the intersection between the horizontal elements in bold solid powerful dashboard and vertical lines of the center console.

The designers have also inspired the fashion of the LRX concept interior forms, capturing the dramatic side of the center console and a clean, elegant lines of the instrument panel. Project to preserve the concept of a storage area beneath a distinctive sloping console, open structure of the resonant themes of lightness and efficiency from the rest of the car.

The exquisite quality of materials and workmanship is evidenced by the very modern, clean interior surface treatment, including treatment level with ventilation holes and horizontal shutters in the center console.

Housed in a compact inner curve, the instrument increases the sporty, premium feel of the interior. The spheres have a double form three-dimensional expression thick glossy needles and beads, and brought to the homes of the sports circular shiny chrome finish wheels.

Optional fixed panoramic glass roof increases the feeling of freedom, as part of the room and cottage deceptively spacious interior and flooded with natural light.

Gerry McGovern said: "The luxury, contemporary style to the cabin is the perfect outdoor concept car with the best materials and craftsmanship, and the clean, elegant design, you say it is a true Range Rover interior, but with more. sporty flavor. "

Range Rover craft materials and Range Rover

Evoque Range Rover offers a level of quality and craftsmanship in every detail of the car. Particular attention was paid to selecting only the best, high quality materials, and apply these materials with care and taste.

Perhaps the most obvious example of this is wrapped in a luxurious finishing of the upper instrument panel. High series models use a premium leather Windsor - wonderfully soft, high quality hides, which are hand-picked for their exceptional touch and look - perfectly hand-finished with double stitching in August

The fascia is also midsection wrapped in leather, with sumptuous leather door panels and seats, creating the ambience of luxury. In total, more than 10m2 of leather - the equivalent of more than three total cache - it is necessary to complete each vehicle. Every aspect of fashion, including the size and shape of the needle, also specified by the Range Rover experts to ensure the original finish, at all times.

Even in models in which the skin is not specified, the tool is still wrapped in a high-quality, soft material in a double-needle stitching, and a wealth of experience in interior design.

In contrast to the bold and sumptuous leather soft-touch surfaces are strong visual highlights authentic metal finish on the horizontal strip on the fascia, they surround the fan control, and the distinctive curved sides of the center console. Cold to the touch and beautifully crafted, metal finish is a reminder tactile and visual quality superior interior.

Meticulous attention to detail in all facets of the construction of the Range Rover Evoke can also be illustrated by the thousands of man hours adjusting all visible parts fit together, ensuring the highest quality and consistency of finish.

In turn, the LRX concept into reality

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque LRX concept is completely faithful to the beautiful style, capturing the design of nearly a millimeter.

During the development process, while maintaining the integrity of the design of LRX was a priority, and has led to new technologies and smart engineering solutions to maintain the appearance of the concept car.

Some of the features that helped to keep LRX concept design include:

The new body structure and suspension subframes to produce a sleek, low profile LRX also excellent indoor facilities and a tradition of high command driving position, with the flexibility necessary for comfortable on-and off-road

Adoption of ultra high strength steels of boron in the A and B-pillars to maintain the slim profile of the pillars without compromising strength or safety

Detailed optimization of the package of interior design including the positions of the pedal, the fuel tank and the height of the door structure produces a rich legroom and headroom inside, while maintaining a small coupe roofline

Integration with radio antennas in the rear spoiler for the installation of antennas outdoor equipment.

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