Friday, August 19, 2011

2009 Ford Focus RS

Actions Ford Focus RS engine its basic structure with that of the Focus ST, but not the similarities end. Urwin Powertrain director Len knew early on that simply adjusting the engine management system for more power would be insufficient for a true RS.

He explains. "There was never any intention to try ST engine 'chip', we evaluated several different approaches using the ST engine, and no one gave us a combination of power delivery, character and sustainability, as we wanted, so we chose to create a Duratec RS, using the ST unit and our base. "

The objective was to increase the power and torque without sacrificing durability. Dealing with it, some changes were made to the details of transmission, including a revised cylinder head gasket, a durable metal frame is sprayed into the holes in cylinders, pistons, revised cam profile and, and connecting rods, the greater the small bearings.

However, the most obvious changes are the new intake system, exhaust manifold and turbocharger. The biggest Borg Warner K16 turbo mounted on the Ford Focus RS delivers maximum boost pressure constant state of 1.4 bar - double the Focus ST 0.7 bar - to generate 35 percent of the car to increase the power.

Committed to maintaining the responsiveness of the engine, Urwin's team is focused on three areas:

Integration of turbo exhaust manifold, so that the variety of fine tuning and strategically locating Turbo engine compartment, Crash optimize performance and minimize the revision of the exhaust system and the associated oil and water;

Care the most popular turbo, the best match for the "lower end of the" Focus ST engine responsiveness;

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