Saturday, August 20, 2011

1923 Alfa Romeo RM Sport

Alfa Romeo RM was produced between 1923-1925, was based on the model RL. Car was first introduced in 1923 at Paris Motor Show, and total production was about 500 cars. Alfa Romeo RM had 2.0 L straight-4 engine that produces 40 hp to 48 hp. Like most Alfa Romeo, it was also used for racing. Three versions were made: Normal, Sport and Alfa Romeo RM Unificato. Sport raised compression ratio and Unificato had a longer wheelbase and the engine a bit larger. RM top speed was about 90 km / h (56 mph).

Alfa Romeo normal RM, 1944 cc 40 hp (1923)

Alfa Romeo RM Sport, 1944 cc, 44 HP (1924)

Alfa Romeo Unificato RM, 1996 cc 48 hp (1925)

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