Saturday, August 20, 2011

1951 Alfa Romeo 1900

Alfa Romeo 1900 was a sports sedan designed by Orazio Satta for the company Alfa Romeo in 1950. It 'was the first Alfa Romeo car was built entirely on the production line.

1900 was offered a two-door models, or four-door, 1884 cc, 90 hp, 4-cylinder engine. It was spacious and simple, but quick and athletic. Alpha for sale with the slogan, it was a "family car that wins races," not so subtly referring to the success of the car at the Targa Florio, Edelweiss and other competitions. Production continued until 1959, a total of 21 304 were built.
The housing is designed specifically to allow the car manufacturers are the most important rebody is designed Zagaton, 1900 Super Sprint Coupe, with improved engine and custom frame.

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