Sunday, July 24, 2011

2011 Hamann Hawk

Engine full of power wrapped in a thrilling gold frame Everose colored car. South German specialist in exclusive automotive refinement, turns to swing Hamann Motorsport, Mercedes AMG SLS Hamann Hawk plumage new and much sharper claws.

Even in its basic version, the SLS provides a major power. But the engine department reserves Hamann is some additional power in the V8. The main part of improving performance is the performance exhaust system made of titanium high. Along with new collectors, sports and a catalyst for the sport air filter, this system also makes the sound of the earth and the powerful set of 6.2 liters. Components are precisely adjusted with a new engine characteristics map of the engine electronics. With superior performance of 636 hp / 468 kW and maximum torque of 680 Nm at 4850 rpm, the engine is exactly what the customer desires Hamann sport ambitious. The car has improved the performance of the door leaf provides measures of the first class. The way to start the race, the two-seater accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 320 km / h, the Falcon Hamann also outperforms the base model.

The superior driving performance is paired with a striking appearance and Wind tunnel tested. The apron in front Hamann Hawk replaces the bumper standard, and because of its shape reduces the uplifting forces on the front axle. Larger air intakes for a new unit LED light gives the two places an even more dynamic. In addition, the enlarged air intakes increased need better access to the engine fresh air. Subsequently, air is sucked out of the new engine hood made of carbon checkered flag. The wing type, 60mm front and 70mm on each side or on the back, which is already an impressive appearance, even when the car is not yet started to move. Side skirts make the two-seater also looks lower and more stretched and stressed the rim. For the perfect balance of support out of the front and rear axle, HAMANN offers a rear wing, SLS was also the checkered flag of carbon. The new rear apron with diffuser increases air flow under the car and provides space for four huge pipes each measuring 90 mm in diameter.

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